Performance!® Flowserve & End User Feedback

P. G. – Air Liquide: “We find Performance! invaluable for our cryogenic applications. You can set a variety of process functions in the program and even adjust for noise. You can use Performance! to see how fast a valve opens or closes and to print specs and diagrams. Even if I’m specifying a non-Flowserve valve, I use Performance! as a checking tool.”

D. M. – Flowserve: “Worked for a competitor for 6 years prior to Flowserve. It is well understood by customers that Performance! is better than the rest by far..”

J. D. – Slater Controls: “Performance! Is AWESOME!”

D. M. – Myers Aubrey:”Sizing and Selection is the most important piece (of the sales process) aside from the actual product. The software is great.

A. V. – Flowserve India: “Performance! is very user friendly…”

R. K. – Flowserve India: “Performance! is an excellent tool with lots of user friendly options and ease of use.