R. M. - Michael Baker, Jr. Inc.: “At SWE, we have often discussed the emergence of the US engineer to an engineer of the world.  Becky is already a part of that new vision and lives it daily through her businesses and her personal life.”

B. B. – Strong & Hanni, P.C.: “Becky is very detailed oriented and a great manager.”

C. S. – Flowserve: “I have had the pleasure of working with these individuals in a very close business relationship and formed a friendship with them as well and still work with them today and know the integrity of their work and the professionalism they portray.  It is important to them that they give the best service because this is their business and they are passionate about it and is their livelihood.

Their knowledge of these industries have been a great asset in the development of the software.  They know the questions to ask technically to make the program great and have been regarded highly within the control valve industry.”

D. F. - Powerdyne Technologies: “Becky is one of the most professional engineers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

W. G. - Flowserve: “I have known and worked with Tom and Becky Starkweather since 1993 as a peer and a customer.  They are both highly skilled and competent engineers who always strive to exceed their customer’s expectations. Even in the design of control valve software, they ensure that calculations and material selections adhere to governing safety and environmental laws.  They work hard and exemplify honesty and integrity in their work product, their client dealings and the expert services provided.  I also understand they enlist the aid of subcontractors to assist them and their usage of these resources is seamless and invisible to myself as a client.”

D. T. - President of Special Olympics Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles: “As a former Director of Tourism for Tourism Corporation Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, I can state that Becky (and Tom) truly loves the people and land and sea creatures of Bonaire and has shown this through her continuous support and the new tourists that they send to Bonaire.”

D. S. - Sulzer Inc.: “Becky has been the Chair of the ETPC for nearly 3 years and has done an absolutely outstanding job in maintaining focus and productivity from her committee members and, based on personal experience, from the experts she deals with.  In short, her experience managing her own company and her technical background has made her an invaluable leader with this committee.  What is most impressive to me is the way she had command of the group and kept us “on track” during the evaluation of the “Distillation Tower Equipment Testing Procedure” re-write.”

J. T. - Terrion Advisors: “I really do not know more honest, caring, generous or hard working people than Rebecca and Tom. The professionalism with which Scientex LC is run and the timeliness in which they provide service to clients is second to none.  They take their corporate business, Scientex L.C. and their personal business seriously, and they do not cut corners.”

P.C. G. - Invista S.a.r.l.: “My interactions with Becky in the last 10 years working together on the ETPC has convinced me that she is totally dedicated to efforts that promote the charter of these professional groups and her energy and enthusiasm is evident in the way she handles difficult situations with quick decision making capabilities. During the last 16 years as a managing partner in this firm she had developed a successful business demonstrating her business savvy and leadership capabilities, leveraging her excellent communications skills and diverse cultural background.”

P. W. – NC State University: “I met Becky when she presented a report to CTOC as chair of AIChE’s Equipment testing Procedures Committee (ETPC). I was very impressed by Becky’s work and deep expertise, as well as of the whole committee.”

B. H. – Process Technology Consultant: “AIChE is fortunate to have volunteers like Becky who give so generously of their time, energy and knowledge.”

J. O., CPA – “Tom and Becky Starkweather are extremely well organized in conducting their bookkeeping and managing their companies’ financial affairs.  They always ask me first if they have any tax related items as they are very conscientious about adhering to all federal and state tax laws. I respect their honesty and integrity in all of their business transactions.”