Becky was 1979 valedictorian of Clear Lake High School in Houston, TX and was awarded a number of scholarships. She earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering in December, 1983 from Texas A & M University.  In September, 1991 she earned her professional engineering registration in Texas. From 1999-2000, she commuted over thirty times between Salt Lake City and Atlanta earning her M.S. in Management of Technology from The Georgia Institute of Technology and earned formal recognition in the Georgia Tech Magazine. Her previous employers include Union Carbide, Celanese, Hoechst Celanese, Valtek and Duriron.

Becky became a registered Professional Chemical Engineer in the State of Texas in 1991. She has served SWE-Greater Salt Lake in a variety of officer positions since 1993 and Scientex LC has been a section sponsor.  She is one of 14 female AIChE Engineering Fellows and has served on the AIChE Equipment Testing Procedures Committee since 2001 and is currently Past Committee Chair. Additional past and present professional affiliations Include; NSPE, Gulf Coast Alliance for Minorities in Engineering, Therapy Animals of Utah and ISA. She has been recognized in Who’s Who among Rising Young Americans 1992, 2000 Notable American Women and recipient of various awards for volunteerism.

Married for 26 years, Tom and Becky reside with rescue dogs and cats and pond koi in Sandy, Utah and are Denver Broncos season ticket holders. Becky is a Proud Texas Aggie, and considers Bonaire as her second home. Her love for Bonaire has led her to volunteer for marine preservation and donate clothing and toys to the children.  She is a PADI Dive Master, a certified Animal Assisted Therapist, snowboarder, snow skier, and zymurgist. Avid golfer, she co-hosts an annual “Birdies for Boobies” charity golf tournament with her husband. Becky a.k.a. “the shoe lady” recycled and donated 2278 pairs of shoes for the needy in Utah and Bonaire.

Becky’s Statement:

“I want to grow as a person, both intellectually & spiritually.”

The key to startup and operate a successful business, is to surround yourself with highly ethical, honest and extremely competent people. Secondly, you must understand the values and culture of those you interact with and recognize their positive contributions. Thirdly, I believe mutual respect, honesty & trustworthiness is key to long term relationships in friendships & business.

My expertise is in equipment reliability and troubleshooting with an emphasis on plant safety. I only accept projects with clients that are committed to personnel safety and carbon footprint reduction.

My cultural heritage and upbringing forces a deep obligation to care for ill and elderly family members. Our contractors work mostly from home to address family or health issues. Thus, Scientex LC motto is “Diverse Talents Applying Science & Technology”. We think outside the box to blend work and family. My support network of close friends and my ongoing community involvement in Salt Lake & Bonaire keeps me grounded in the beliefs that I was raised with.



After attending the University of Missouri – Rolla from 1979-1981, Tom transferred to The Georgia Institute of Technology.  He graduated in December, 1983 with a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering.  He was offered a number of jobs ranging from rocket design to aircraft research and development but decided to pursue a job with the Space Shuttle Program.  He spent his first two years at the Johnson Space Center working for McDonnell Douglas providing technical support in ascent flight design engineering.   He then joined Rockwell Space Operations as a Lead Engineer and an abort region determinator.  He worked as abort support on the console during approximately two dozen of STSOC launches.  During this time he was promoted to Project Manager of the Flight Analysis Department.  Tom was the youngest Rockwelll employee at that time to supervise dozens of engineers and staff members  (both federal employees and various government contractors) and received formal recognition for his accomplishments.

In 1992, Tom left Rockwell ( now United Space Alliance) to join his wife at Valtek as a software engineer.  He supported Quick Quote but was asked if his Software experience at NASA would enable him to creat a new windows based software program.   He created Performance! drawing from his knowledge of fluid dynamics and the resources of his peers at Duriron.   He left in August, 1996 to dedicate his full time supporting Performance! through Scientex L.C.

Tom has been a past member of ISA and MSDN and is quite active in ISUG. He owns another business, RB50 Management Inc., that provides computer hardware and software sales and service.  RB50 Management has a number of private and small business clients in the USA, Ontario, Canada and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

Married for 26 years, Tom and Becky reside with rescue dogs and cats and pond koi in Sandy, Utah and are Denver Broncos season ticket holders. Tom is an avid hockey fan and has Utah Grizzlies season tickets. He is also moderator for the Georgia Tech Alumni Club of Utah.  Tom considers Bonaire as his second home. His love for Bonaire has led him to volunteer for marine preservation and donate clothing and toys to the children.  He is a PADI Rescue Diver, a member of the American Home Brewers Association snow skier, and zymurgist. Avid golfer, he co-hosts an annual “Birdies for Boobies” charity golf tournament with his wife. Tom loves street motorcycles and can be found riding his Ducati on weekends when he is not tending to his beloved Japanese garden.

 Tom’s Statement:

I spent 8 years working on the Space Shuttle and I have spent 20+ years working on Performance! I have survived 7 of my 9 lives doing the activities I enjoy.  I had 22 of my closest friends fly to Orlando to watch me re-marry my wife and celebrate my 25th anniversary.  I have a wonderful home and the best pets in the world. I am the luckiest man alive!